profanity on comp.lang.python (was Re: Pyro stability)

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Wed Nov 8 16:32:42 CET 2006

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Beliavsky <beliavsky at> wrote:
>If this is supposed to justify using bad language in a public forum,
>it is poorly reasoned. Having heard "f***" does not mean they were not
>annoyed. 100% of people have seen trash on the street, but that does
>not justify littering. If a group of people don't mind profanity, there
>is no harm in their swearing to each other. But Usenet is read by a
>wide range of people, and needlessly offending some of them is wrong.
>The OP used "f******" just for emphasis. English is a rich language,
>and there are better ways of doing that.

Oh, gimme a fucking break.  Do a simple Gooja search to find out how
often people already use "fuck" around here.  I think you're the one who
needs to justify your position.
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many other languages & styles:  boring syntax, unsurprising semantics,
few automatic coercions, etc etc.  But that's one of the things I like
about it."  --Tim Peters on Python, 16 Sep 1993

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