Will GPL Java eat into Python marketshare?

John Roth JohnRoth1 at jhrothjr.com
Thu Nov 16 14:56:13 CET 2006

walterbyrd wrote:
> Some think it will.
> Up untill now, Java has never been standard across different versions
> of Linux and Unix. Some think that is one reason that some developers
> have avoided Java in favor of Python. Now that Java has been GPL'd that
> might change.
> IMO: it won't make much difference. But I don't really know.

In my opinion, GPLing Java won't have any immediate effect
on who uses which for what kind of project. Longer term, however,
I see a number of efforts to clean up some of Java's more
egregious syntax problems. I've already seen one proposal,
and there will undoubtedly be others. If any of them fly, they'll
probably be folded into the base in a few years, and that will
diminish the ease of use / large project divide between the
two languages.

John Roth

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