gopherlib deprecated in 2.5

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Wed Nov 22 20:52:28 CET 2006

"Szabolcs Nagy" <nszabolcs at> wrote in message 
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> I've just seen that gopherlib is deprecated in python 2.5
> we still use this protocol (though there are only few working gopher
> servers are left on the net)
> My friend just wrote a standard compliant gopher server (pygopherd had
> some problems oslt) and it's much better for hierarchycal content
> sharing than the http (which is overrated and misused in this respect).
> So i don't really understand why would one remove it from python. It's
> a friendly, tiny, simple, standard protocol.

The devolopers thought that perhaps gopherlib was unused in new or 
updated-to-new releases code.  Even if it is by a few, there is still the 
question of whether gopherlib should be in the stdlib in preference to 
modules that would be useful to more people or whether it should be a 
downloadable module at PyPI.  The latter would require someone to take 
ownership of it.

You might consider posting a note on py dev (easily accessible via gmane) 
to let them know there is at least one current user.

Terry Jan Reedy

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