forwarding *arg parameter

Tuomas tuomas.vesterinen at
Mon Nov 6 23:31:00 CET 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> Suppose you did actually want to do this you have chosen about the worst 
> possible way: the use of global variables to condition function 
> execution is a sure way to get into trouble. Consider if somebody else 
> want to use your function: they also have to set a global in their 
> program to avoid your function raising an exception.

Do you think all discussion examples are included a producton application.

> Fortunately Python has just the thing to make such horrors unnecessary: 
> the default argument value. Try something like this (untested):
> def g(flattening=True, *arg):
>     if flattening:
>     arg = flatten(arg)
>     return arg
> Obviously you could use either True or False for the default value. In 
> the case above the function flattens by default. You could also, if you 
> wished, have f() take the flattening argument, and always pass it to g().
> Nothing very sophisticated here, just something to help you flex your 
> growing Python and programming muscles.

Thanks for your good purposes.


> regards
>  Steve

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