how is python not the same as java?

John Henry john106henry at
Fri Nov 10 07:59:48 CET 2006

gavino wrote:
> both are interpreted oo langauges......

I remember the days when I got all excited about Java (many many moons
ago when Java first came out).  I brought a whole truckload of books on
it, even spent 5 days attending a seminar on the subject.   To my great
disappointment, I never got very far with it.   Not being a
"professional programmer" by training, I found it very difficult to go
very far with Java.   Everything was so "un-natural" for me.  So, I
felt back to my little C-corner.

Last year, I got a chance to attend a 5 day class on Python.   Hated it
- for the first 5 minutes (what the ****, they are using white space
for what????)  but from that pont on, never look back.

Not considering myself an advance Python programmer.   Don't matter, I
am very proficient with it.   It allows me to get things done - in a
whole lot less time then I have to do otherwise.

Learning new things about it everyday, finding new and usefull open
source packages for it everyday.

My Java books?  They hit the trash dump long ago....

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