python-ldap/win32 or python/ldap/win32

rcmn rcmn73 at
Mon Nov 6 23:34:08 CET 2006

i'm running around in circle trying to to use python/ldap/ on
win32(WinXP). I want to write a script that read SQL data(no pbm) and
insert member in a AD group(pbm).I used the module
Active_Directory(very easy to use).but it read only AD.
So i have been try to install python-ldap on a win32/python2.4
install.But each time i try

------------------------ build
i get

running build_ext
error: The .NET Framework SDK needs to be installed before building
extensions for Python.
of course i insalled .NET ,and it keeped doing it, google around found
some registry key thing that have to be changed.tried that but still
nothing.I have been looking around more but the informations i find on
that topic seems so clunky and out dated(2004-2003) that i really don't
think i should wast my time any further without asking around if i'm
going the right direction.Because i have the feeling Python/Ldap/win32
shouldn't be such a problem to use...And if it isn't then...Python is
not the language i need to accomplish that task.

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