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Tue Nov 28 02:06:21 CET 2006

Thuan Seah Tan wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I am new to python  and currently I am working on a traffic simulation 
> which I plan to define the various agents using scripting. It's kind of like 
> scripting for non-playable character in games. I am thinking of using python 
> for this but I am concerned with running time. Is scripting a lot slower 
> compared to direct implementation in C++? Does compiling the script help in 

"Learning Python" is a good book to start learning Python. I don't think
you'll be better off in C++. If speed is of utmost importance for the
whole implementation, then I suggest C++ but well coded Python runs
atleast/near to C++ implementation. Otherwise, you can atleast code the
speed-savvy part of the implementation in C++. Ofcourse, Python object
model is based on a virtual machine (called PVM) which accounts for
slower start-up due to native function call conversion but you'll find
that learning curve is only a tiny fraction compared to C++.  And you'll
surely love Python. =)

> any way? Also, can anyone recommend me a book that covers python in general 
> as well as C++ binding? Thanks.

"Progamming in Python" is another excellent book that might be of help.
If you are developing on windows machine then has some helpful recipes.

C++ bindings in Python are handled by extending python objects and
manipulating it from C++ codes using the Python headers.

Also, should be a good reference.
Also Google for "vaults of parnassus" and Fredrik lundh's guide on Python.


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