The Python Papers Edition One

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Wed Nov 22 01:41:33 CET 2006

Thanks for the comments. PDF is, to some extent, a requirement. To
preserve the entire journal as a single "entity" with a reasonably high
production quality, there seems to be no way around it. I could not
find a sufficiently simple way to do multi-format publishing with an
attractive layout and good typesetting.

As for the online archives, a number of journal achives will contain
the journal, so hopefully Google will pick those up. However, I take
your point about searching. Having the archives appear under
"" would mean that the search results would return a
consistent location, which is probably a good thing.

I will be exploring further options on this front as they are
suggested. I intend to keep PDF as the "primary" format at this stage,
although there is nothing preventing us from pursuing other options

We will also be looking for collaborators and link exchanges to boost
quality and build the community. We would love to help bring together a
people who may be working on individual blogs or websites and perhaps
encourage them to work directly with others. If we can generate enough
high-quality content, I think that is the most important thing.

Convincing people to help up build up might be difficult, but on the
basis that people are currently doing it themselves without assistance,
they might prefer to be given some help in this process -- help in the
form of article editing, an audience, etc.

We have two proposals so far for the next issue, both of high quality,
but it would be great to come out with a bumper issue which would start
grabbing people's attention. Now that we have our ISSN set up, we're a
bona fide journal, but before we start mouthing off, it would be great
to have a more established track record. To do that we need to come up
with a decent shot at our next issue...

-T (Editor-In-Chief)
> Congratulations - it looks very professional.
> *But*, PDF is an abhorrent format unless you expect people to print it.
> Your download system almost certainly guarantees that the content won't
> be indexed by search  engines and so is much less likely t obe found by
> people who will find it interesting and useful.
> :-)
> Make sure annnouncements make their way onto PlanetPython (if they're
> not already..).
> Fuzzyman

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