program written to model population evolving over time

sam python.sam at
Sat Nov 4 22:09:10 CET 2006

dear all,

i've just finished a program which sets up an initial population
consisting of four different phenotypes, allows them to evolve over
time and graphs the output at the end, displaying what is in effect the
evolutionary steady state for the system.

i'm no authority on evolutionary game theory (to put it mildly), but
there is a certain amount of interesting emergent behaviour if you put
the initial parameters in in a certain manner.

excuse my ignorance, but is there a site where people post this kind of
stuff? i figured someone might be interested in playing with it,
tweaking it a bit, changing the parameters. i've only been programming
a couple of months, so i'm sure more experienced programmers could
whack into shape if they were interested. or not...

it's about 500 lines, including white space and comments, probably
about 400 lines of pretty unconcise code in all. thought i'd try and
contribute something for once instead of just asking questions.


PS it does actually work, in case you're wondering.  :-)

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