Close program built with py2exe

Steve Ingram steve.ingram at
Sun Nov 12 21:50:04 CET 2006

Found out what I'd done, and it wasn't py2exe causug the problem. I wasn't
 closing the main dialog properly, I was calling Close() instead of
Destroy(), so the dialog stayed in memory, basically it was still running.

Thanks for your help,


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Steve Ingram wrote:

> I've got a problem with a program I've written and want to distribute.
> It uses a wxPython dialog and I've built a distribution version with
> Problem is when I run the .exe under windows I can only stop the
> program completely using the task manager. When I close the dialog and
> check the task manager, there is still a running process. I think this
> is probably the python interpreter that is still running.
> Can't find any help anywhere, does anyone know how to get the dialog
> to kill the process properly??

have you checked if any exceptions occur during application shutdown?

it could be that the GUI toolkit manages to remove all windows, but that
something goes wrong at the application level before the GUI gets around
to shut down the message loop.


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