remove a list from a list

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Nov 17 20:14:40 CET 2006

> That is a nice solution.
> But, how about modifying the list in place?
> That is, l would become ['c', 'D'].
>>  >>> e = ['a', 'b', 'e']
>>  >>> l = ['A', 'a', 'c', 'D', 'E']
>>  >>> s = set(e)
>>  >>> [x for x in l if x.lower() not in s]
>> ['c', 'D']

Well...changing the requirements midstream, eh? ;-)

You can just change that last item to be a reassignment if "l" is 
all you care about:

 >>> l = [x for x in l ...]

Things get a bit hairier if you *must* do it in-place.  You'd 
have to do something like this (untested)

for i in xrange(len(l), 0, -1):
	if l[i-1].lower() in s:
		del l[i-1]

which should do the job.


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