popen(1-4) as a seperate process

Astan Chee stanc at al.com.au
Fri Nov 17 08:53:41 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Astan Chee wrote:
>> Yes, that is true. But everytime I run a os.popen() it executes as a 
>> child process of the current running one. How do I launch as a seperate 
>> process?
> what's your definition of "separate process", and how is that different 
> from a child process?  (all processes created by a process start out as 
> child processes).
>> Note that I dont care about whatever happens to the seperate process 
>> itself.
> so why are you using os.popen() if you're not interested in talking to 
> it?  maybe os.system("command&") would be more appropriate ?
> </F>
My appologies,
What I meant by seperate process is that the spawned process is not the 
child of the current running process or the spawned process does not 
have a parent (if that is possible).
popen not a good idea? Im not sure myself frankyl.
What would be a good method to do this? I've tried your 
os.system("command&") and the spawned process is still the child of the 
current running process (which is not what I want to happen).
Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.

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