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Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Nov 7 21:30:10 CET 2006

At Tuesday 7/11/2006 17:10, Sheldon wrote:

> > Take a look at the documentation for creating extension modules,
> > especially the following page:
> >
> > http://docs.python.org/ext/methodTable.html
> >
> > "The initialization function must be named initname(), where name is the
> > name of the module, and should be the only non-static item defined in
> > the module file"
> >
> > -Farshid
>This function is there and is called init_mymodule() but I have other
>functions that are not static.
>Could this be the cause?

For a module called foo.c the initialization function must be called 
initfoo (*not* init_foo)
And what are those non-static functions used for? The *only* purpose 
of your module should be to provide the Python bindings...

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