Python v PHP: fair comparison?

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Nov 16 15:28:48 CET 2006

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Luis M. González <luismgz at> wrote:
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>> Perhaps it's timely to clarify the "newer" above:  Guido
>> made Python public in '89-90, and Rasmus showed PHP to
>> others in '94-95.
>OK. But since when has python been considered a viable alternative for
>web development?
>As a generalp purpose language, it's older.
>But as a web development language, it's olnly when people started to
>look for the "rails killer" and many python alternatives started to
>come up (although Django has been in development for a long time before
>all this hype).
>I remember well, just a few months ago, there were many alternatives
>(remember "subway"?).

I appreciate your clarification.  I can report back that we
certainly move in different circles; I, for example, knew of
people with multi-million-dollar budgets deciding on Python-
based Web technology for *serious* applications in '96.  Ruby
1.0, perhaps you'll recall, was a Christmas gift for 1996.
For this and allied reasons, it didn't occur to me to regard
Ruby as the senior "Web development language" among the two.

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