my small hashlib - using pythons hash-functions

Mathias Panzenboeck e0427417 at
Sat Nov 25 22:13:22 CET 2006

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Mathias Panzenboeck <e0427417 at> writes:
>> So, can this code be considered as derived and do I have to put my
>> code under the GPL? I'd like to publish it under something less
>> restrictive, like a BSD style license. But if GPL is the only way,
>> then GPL it is. :)
> Python is not GPL'd but has its own license.  You can make the derived
> work GPL if you want, but it is not required.  You'll have to check
> its terms to see whether you can specifically use the BSD license.
> Simplest might be to just stay with the Python license.

Yes, right. It's PSF.

But the question is: *IS* this derived work? I mean, it's not copied code.
It's the same hashing-logic, which I learned by watching pythons code.


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