is mod_python borked?

walterbyrd walterbyrd at
Thu Nov 2 22:00:23 CET 2006

Shreekar Patel wrote:

> No, I've been using mod_python for a long time, and I haven't run in to
> any problems. In fact I use python server pages for my web development,
> which is much faster than python cgi scripts.

Researching further, it looks to me like mod_python may only work well
on apache 2.X. I noticed that django only works with apache 2.X, and
I'm not sure about turbogears. (btw: it always annoys me when I can't
find the system requirements for a project. Those requirements should
be easy to find. I shouldn't have to google for two hours, and post to
several forums).

If I'm right about mod_python only working well with apache 2.x, then I
think that's a shame, because few web-hosters use apache 2.x.

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