Python v PHP: fair comparison?

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Thu Nov 16 01:43:05 CET 2006

walterbyrd a écrit :
> Luis M. González wrote:
>>the new crop of web frameworks (Django, Turbo Gears, etc...).
>>>- Newer versions of mod_python require Apache 2.0, which few hosters
>>You can also get alder versions of mod_python. What's the problem?
> The problem is that the system requirements for django and turbogears
> are sky-high. I think Django requires Apache 2.0 (and maybe mod_python
> 3.x),  and CherryPy (part of turbogears) requires Python 2.4.

Yes. Neither Apache 2.0 nor mod_python 3.x nor Python 2.4 are really 
bleeding edge, you know.

> If you are
> developing for a hosted environment, this can be a big problem. Few
> enough hosters provide python to begin with, then add to that such
> requirements as apache 2.0 - and you left with almost nothing.

You mean there are web hosting companies that are still using Apache 
1.3.x ?

C'mon, let's be serious. I just ordered a dedibox - a small dedicated 
web server - for my personal use. It's only 30 euros a month, you know...

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