proof of concept python and tkinter gnugo interface

Anton Vredegoor anton.vredegoor at
Fri Nov 24 00:19:40 CET 2006

For the last few days I've been doodling with a script that provides a 
graphical interface to gnugo by using its GTP protocol. At the moment 
the script is *very* basic, in fact the only thing it does is to allow 
one to click on a coordinate and place a move there OR press the space 
bar in order to let gnugo generate a move.

However, I feel that this idea has some potential, it could be made to 
undo or redo moves or load sgf-games. But most importantly: It could 
load the list of move suggestions from gnugo, do some computations 
itself in *Python* on that list and then generate a move.

So I thought that it would be best to present this script while it is 
still small and modifications can be done easily. In the end there's 
possibly a lot of potential and I think I'm going to need some help from 
people that are enthousiastic about Python or gnugo.

What I want to accomplish with this post is to get to know whether it 
would be a good idea to make it  a sourceforge project (it would be even 
better if some more experienced sourceforger would do it for me :-) or 
whether I should just go on doodling on this script by myself, gradually 
adapting it to fit my personal interests and come back to you in a few 
years with a more complete script.

Is there any need for such a beast for *more* people than just me to 
work on?

Here's the proof of concept, just copy it to some dir and run the Python 

It needs Python 2.5 which you can get at:


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