HTML Parsing and Indexing

Bernard bernard.chhun at
Mon Nov 13 22:36:31 CET 2006

a combination of urllib, urlib2 and BeautifulSoup should do it.
Read BeautifulSoup's documentation to know how to browse through the

mailtogops at a écrit :

> Hi All,
>     I am involved in one project which tends to collect news
> information published on selected, known web sites inthe format of
> HTML, RSS, etc and sortlist them and create a bookmark on our website
> for the news content(we will use django for web development). Currently
> this project is under heavy development.
> I need a help on HTML parser.
> I can download the web pages from target sites. Then I have to start
> doing parsing. Since they all html web pages, they will have different
> styles, tags, it is very hard for me to parse the data. So what we plan
> is to have one or more rules for each website and run based on rule. We
> can even write some small amount of code for each web site  if
> required. But Crawler, Parser and Indexer need to run unattended. I
> don't know how to proceed next..
> I saw a couple of python parsers like pyparsing, yappy, yapps, etc but
> they havn't given any example for HTML parsing. Someone recommended
> using "lynx" to convert the page into the text and parse the data. That
> also looks good but still i end of writing a huge chunk of code for
> each web page.
> What we need is,
> One nice parser which should work on HTML/text file (lynx output) and
> work based on certain rules and return us a result (Am I need magix to
> do this :-( )
> Sorry about my english..
> Thanks & Regards,
> Krish

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