failure building python 2.5 on mac os x 10.3.9

Thomas Ploch Thomas.Ploch at
Thu Nov 30 19:02:06 CET 2006

Markus Rosenstihl schrieb:
> On 2006-11-19 15:50:14 +0100, Thomas Ploch <Thomas.Ploch at> said:
>> Hello,
>> I followed the instructions in the Mac/README file.
>> I ran ./configure --enable-framework
>> But when I try to build from source with gcc 4.0.2, following happens:
>> [snip]
>> libtool: can't locate file for: -lSystemStubs
>> libtool: file: -lSystemStubs is not an object file (not allowed in a
>> library)
>> make: *** [Python.framework/Versions/2.5/Python] Error 1
>> What does that mean?
>> Thanks,
>> Thomas
> I had the same problem (why do you have gcc-4.0.2?).
> -lSystemStubs is in Tiger
> First of all, try to install the 10.4 SDK as it will keep you away of a 
> lot of linking problems and such stuff. (yes, it will install on 10.3.9 
> and since then i had no compile problems, i found this as an answer in 
> a post in the apple discussions)
> Then try to compile it again after you have deleted the python source 
> tree (or "make clean").
> If that is still not working you have to edit the Makefile from Python 
> and remove the -lSystemStubs
> (i think both ways work, but i am not sure)
> Make sure you have either a patched readline 5.1 or better a readline 
> 5.2. Otherwise you will get segmentation faults when you are using 
> ipython.
> If it is still not working,
> Good luck!

Thank you,
has been quite a while since I asked, almost forgot about that one.  :-)

I have been using static python for a while, because I couldn't get
around the problem. But after a while I needed the dynamic linker for
some extensions so I thought about what it could be.

I ran into the Mac OS 10.3.9 Python (the shipped one) Bug, and
remembered not having fixed it with the (or whatever
it's called) script. So I tried building python framework again, and
whoohoo, it worked. I dunno if it was that or that I updated libtool,
gettext and all that stuff, but hey, I have to admint, I don't care
anymore.  :-)

But it's nice to know that the Tiger Dev Tools run on Panther as well.


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