About alternatives to Matlab

Niels L Ellegaard niels.ellegaard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 05:32:03 CET 2006

Filip Wasilewski wrote:
> As far as the speed comparison is concerned I totally agree that NumPy
> can easily outperform Matlab in most cases. Of course one can use
> compiled low-level extensions to speed up specific computations in
> Matlab, but it's a lot easier and/or cheaper to find very good tools
> for Python.

These benchmarks are interesting. Perhaps someone could elaborate: When
is python faster than Matlab and when is it slower? As far as I
understand, recent versions of Matlab include a jit, but cpython does
not (unless you use psyco). Can python do faster do-loops than matlab?
Does the matrix backend of python perform faster than a the matrix
backend of Matlab? What is going on?

                                                Thanks in advance


BTW: I feel obliged to provide a small link to your upcoming wavelet
code for scipy. It looks promising:

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