libboost, python, and dijkstra shortest path

Bytter bytter at
Wed Nov 29 20:35:52 CET 2006

Ok, found the solution here:

But still cannot make anything that works... Anyone who has experience
in this area can help me with the following code:

import boost as bgl

graph = bgl.Graph()
a = graph.add_vertex()
b = graph.add_vertex()
e = graph.add_edge(a, b)

weights = graph.edge_property_map('integer')
weights[e] = 5
graph.edge_properties['weight'] = weights

boost.dijkstra_shortest_paths(graph, a)

On Nov 29, 5:51 pm, "Bytter" <byt... at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I need to implement a very quick (performance-wise) Dijkstra shortest
> path in python, and found that libboost already has such thing. Problem
> is: I cannot find the installation package for my Python 2.4 under
> windows. Can someone please provide me instructions for installing
> libboost for python?
> In alternative, if someone can point out to a fast Dijkstra shortest
> path in python (the network is over 1 million vertexes), I would
> appreciate.
> Thanks in advance,
> Hugo Ferreira

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