Awesome Python Information

John Machin sjmachin at
Sun Nov 5 23:40:54 CET 2006

Paul McGuire wrote:
> "Brandon" <Lion623 at> wrote in message
> news:1162753631.297470.315570 at
> > Check out:
> >
> By which he means, "do NOT waste your time checking out this ridiculous
> website with absolutely no Python whatever anywhere."
> (This is the idiot who claims he saved the Congress from some Mossad poison
> gas attack, or whatever.)
> -- Paul

Nothing to do with Python?

1. Mossad is an agency of the state of Israel.
2. Some Israelis have long curly hair and wear big black hats.
3. Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators in the alleged attempt to blow up
the House of Lords in 1606 had long curly hair and wore big black hats.
4. Fawkes signed his name 'Guido".


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