a few extensions for the itertools

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Nov 20 04:22:16 CET 2006

At Sunday 19/11/2006 17:35, Mathias Panzenboeck wrote:

>I wrote a few functions which IMHO are missing in python(s itertools).
>You can download them here:
>isum(iterable, start=0) -> value
>         Returns the sum of the elements of a iterable
>         plus the value of parameter 'start'.  When the
>         iterable is empty, returns start.

Isn't the same as the builtin sum?

>iproduct(iterable, start=0) -> value

As others said, start should be 1

>fcain(funct,*functs) -> function(...,***)
>         fcain(f1,f2,...,fn)(*args,*kwargs) equals 
> f1(f2(...fn(*args,*kwargs)))

I don't understand it, nor even the signature. Perhaps it tries to be 
"fchain", function composition? But what has it to do with iterables?

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