pyRTF and Footers

E.Doxtator at E.Doxtator at
Thu Nov 16 01:01:41 CET 2006

Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> At Wednesday 15/11/2006 20:08, E.Doxtator at wrote:
> >I've been using the pyRTF module to generate some documents that I need
> >for work.  In general, the module is good, and pretty simple to use.
> >However, I am running into a problem with footers that doesn't quite
> >make sense to me.
> First, I don't use pyRTF. The app sketch and code snippet you have
> posted look reasonable.

Thanks :)

> At least using Word, you can configure a page footer for each section
> in the document, so I think it should be posible.

I edited the document in Word without problems.  I put in several
different footers into my generated RTF document.

> If you don't get the output you want, it may be a bug in the module,

> you are using it in the wrong way,

This is a possibility.  I took a look at the raw RTF text, and the
multiple footers are in the text.  I'm going to have to edit the
document with word and compare it to the original to see what the
difference is, I guess.

>...the feature is unsupported, etc.

Say it ain't so!

> but most likely not a bug in Python itself.

> So a better place to ask  would be... well, it appears there is no better place except asking
> the author directly :)

Anyone got his number?

> (BTW, thanks for pointing me towards pyRTF - it may be useful, so
> I'll give it a try...)

It's very useful.  I can see several applications in my job where I can
use this module.



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