Python program that validates an url against w3c markup validator

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Wed Nov 29 21:52:02 CET 2006

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> I'd like to create a program that validates bunch of urls against the
> w3c markup validator ( and store the result in
> a file.
> Since I don't know network programming, I have no idea how to start
> coding this program.
> I was looking at the python library and thought urllib or urllib2 may
> be used to make this program work.
> But I don't know how to send my urls to the w3c validator and get the
> result.
> Can anyone help me with this? or at least give me a hint?
> Thank you so much.

This article might be of help:

"Periodically you may want to make sure your entire website validates. 
This can be a hassle if your site is big. In this article we introduce a 
few python scripts which will help us do mass validation from a list of 
links. We will also modify the W3C validator to work the way we want."

You might also be interested in my validating spider (see my sig) which 
will validate an entire site for you but that won't teach you a thing 
about Python programming.  ;)

Whole-site HTML validation, link checking and more

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