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Wed Nov 29 19:02:59 CET 2006

Trent Mick wrote:
> hg wrote:
>> Trent Mick wrote:
>>>> My need is as follows: I have developed an activex component to
>>>> access a
>>>> smart card on the client side / do some web site logon.
>>>> Are xpcom / pyxpcom advanced/stable enough for such an implementation
>>>> under Linux / Windows ?
>>> You mean to provide the equivalent functionality for Firefox that your
>>> activex component does for IE? Yes, xpcom and pyxpcom are quite stable,
>>> however putting together a Firefox extension that gets PyXPCOM itself up
>>> and running in a client's Firefox install will be quite challenging.
>>> Trent
>> Exactly ... are you saying I need to distribute Firefox compiled
>> differently in order to achieve that ?
> No. But you'll have to get comfortable building your own Firefox and
> then building the PyXPCOM extension and then packaging the built PyXPCOM
> bits that a normal Firefox install does not have already into a Firefox
> extension. This would also mean packaging up parts of a Python build and
> possible needing to have a custom Python build to (1) get shared library
> loading to work correct and (2) ensure there isn't crosstalk between the
> python that PyXPCOM uses and possibly other Python installations on the
> target machine.
>> This is less a python issue clearly if that is the case: would I have
>> the same issues to resolve if I were to write the module in C++ ?
> A little, yes: I believe you'd need a Firefox build in a development
> tree to build a vanilla C++ XPCOM component. However, I am not sure of
> that.
> Mostly, no: You wouldn't need to worry about all the PyXPCOM/Python
> build/install issues.
> Trent
Thanks Trent,

I'll do some testing and bug Mark in the process I'm sure  :-)



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