Python/Django Lead Developer Needed in NYC

proteusguy at proteusguy at
Wed Nov 8 13:13:33 CET 2006

    I hope job ads are ok in this group. It looks like my efforts to
make python our base service oriented architecture technology and
Django as the core web framework is coming through. I now need to hire
a New York based developer to be the tech lead for much of this effort.
I can't reveal the company name yet but you've heard of us and this is
a high profile effort.

   If you'd like to apply for the spot, you need to be able to
demonstrate strong python skills and actual usage of Django to build
real systems. This is core infrastructure work so awareness of role
based capabilty authorizations, talking to disparate
services/applications on various platforms (windows & linux), and
general management of complex interconnected systems is going to be
key. Nothing we do will be stand alone.

   We're definitely an Agile shop and are trying to move even further
in that regard. Experience here is a plus as well. You'll need to be
able to work within and extend our new architecture and be able to
clearly specify requirements to other developers. Your team will exist
in New York as well as Bangkok (yes there will be some opportunity to
travel to BKK later) so co-ordinating across time zones means you have
to know what you're talking about and be able to make yourself
understood. Its an issue of delegation and coaching as much as pure
technical ability.

   Please send me your resume, cv, and salary requirements. I will make
sure that all qualified candidates get a response. Thanx for your

   -- Ben

PS: I also have python/django positions in Bangkok but you must be a
Thai national and we pay competitive Thai salaries here.

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