The Python Papers Edition One

tleeuwenburg at tleeuwenburg at
Tue Nov 28 00:14:29 CET 2006

Alan J. Salmoni wrote:
> I heartily agree. pdf format has never been much of a problem for me.
> Now that you have an ISSN, has it been submitted to Google Scholar or
> other academic indexes?
> for Google Scholar
> for Citeseer
> These are two I can think of but there must be more. Any suggestions?
> I think that this is great work guys - I'll see if I can take some time
> to submit some of the code I developed a few years ago.
> All the best!
> Alan

We haven't hit Google Scholar yet, but we are publishing to other
online archives.

I'm in the middle of finding a semi-permanent location with a good URL
for keeping archives, and once that is done, we can get them indexed in
Google Search and Google Scholar.

Unfortunately, the domain name is currently a redirect which prevents
the indexing from working properly. We need a better home, but we are
working on it. We should have this by the next edition.

Thanks for the props.


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