Python v PHP: fair comparison?

sjdevnull at sjdevnull at
Thu Nov 16 23:21:29 CET 2006

Luis M. González wrote:
> Cameron Laird ha escrito:
> > Perhaps it's timely to clarify the "newer" above:  Guido
> > made Python public in '89-90, and Rasmus showed PHP to
> > others in '94-95.
> OK. But since when has python been considered a viable alternative for
> web development?
> As a generalp purpose language, it's older.
> But as a web development language, it's olnly when people started to
> look for the "rails killer" and many python alternatives started to
> come up (although Django has been in development for a long time before
> all this hype).

Huh?  I've been doing paid python web work since 2000.  I'm fairly sure
that Yahoo! groups predates that by a while, and I know that
mod_python/httpdapy goes back at least to 1998 (and Python CGI predates
that significantly).

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