ANN: SE 2.3. Available now

Frederic Rentsch anthra.norell at
Fri Nov 3 13:51:21 CET 2006

A few Cheese Shop upload problems have been solved with the help of this 
creative group. Thank you all!

Version 2.2 beta should be phased out. It has a functional defect, 
missing matches with a very low statistical probability. Version 2.3 has 
this fixed.

   Download URL:

A list of possible handling improvements is being made to be 
incorporated in the next version, One major flaw of the interface design 
came to light the other day when a user reported a non-functioning 
Editor Object made with a file name. If the constructor cannot find the 
file it records the fact in the object's log without making the user 
aware that his Editor Object is incomplete or altogether devoid of 
substitutions. His obvious conclusion is that the damn thing isn't 
working right.
   Compile errors should certainly be reported at compile time. The next 
version will send all messages being logged also to stderr by default. 
The thing to do with the current version, if it appears to malfunction, 
is to inspect the log and the compiled substitutions.

 >>> Editor = SE.SE ('')
 >>> Editor.show_log ()

Fri Nov 03 12:49:17 2006 - Compiler - Ignoring single word 
''. Not an existing file ''.

 >>> Editor = SE.SE ('se/')   # path was missing
 >>> Editor.show_log ()

(Log is empty. All is well.)

 >>> (show_translators = 1)


Single-Byte Targets
    1: |<|->|LT|
    2: |>|->|GT|

Multi-Byte Targets
    3: |&&|->|AND|
    4: ||||->|OR|


The display makes definition errors conspicuous. Missing definitions 
indicate malformed or redefined (overwritten) ones.


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