Python speed on Solaris 10

Chris Miles miles.chris at
Wed Nov 15 16:35:52 CET 2006

Since my post I have compiled Python 2.4.3 with Sun Studio 11 with 
"-fast" option (on Solaris 10) which has produced the fastest version of 
Python I've been able to test on this hardware, including the CentOS 
Linux version (which I'm pleased about).

I haven't looked into more optimal gcc build options yet, so that may 
produce a faster build, but I am probably satisfied with what Sun Studio 
has given me for now.


casevh at wrote:

> I noticed that speed difference, too. After running ./configure, I
> edited the resulting Makefile to pass "-march=athlon-mp" to the C
> compiler. ./configure seems to ignore CFLAGS, for example, so I just
> edited Makefile to suit my environment. You should set the values
> appropriate for you system, of course.
> I've also compiled Python using the Sun Studio compiler. Some tests
> were faster, some tests were slower.


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