The Python Papers Edition One

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Mon Nov 27 01:59:57 CET 2006

"Noah Slater" <nslater at> writes:

> I do not think this thread is an embarrassment to the community. I
> think it speaks volumes about people's commitment to free software.
> While we can applaud such contributions it is no excuse to waiver on
> one's ethics and principles.

Yes, this was also my motivation for discussing it here.

> Regardless of content, or even format, if the Python Papers are not
> free as per the FSF's definition they are encumbered.
> I am hoping that the author/publishers will reconsider the choice of
> licencing.

I also hope that a free license can be chosen. In the meantime though,
I'm very happy that (as announced in a new thread) the existing
license terms are no longer being falsely described as free.

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