bz2.readline() slow ?

Soeren Sonnenburg python-ml at
Fri Nov 24 11:11:06 CET 2006

Dear all,

I am a bit puzzled, as

import bz2

while f.readline():

takes twice the time (10 seconds) to read/decode a bz2 file
compared to

import bz2

(5 seconds). This is even more strange as the help(bz2) says:

     |  readlines(...)
     |      readlines([size]) -> list
     |      Call readline() repeatedly and return a list of lines read.
     |      The optional size argument, if given, is an approximate bound on the
     |      total number of bytes in the lines returned.

This happens on python2.3 - python2.5 and it does not help to specify a
maximum line size.

Any ideas ?

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