Python v PHP: fair comparison?

Luis M. González luismgz at
Wed Nov 15 03:55:59 CET 2006

> - Python is more readable, and more general purpose

Yes, php is only for web.
On the other hand, Python is a general purpose language and it can be
used for nearly anything you may want to do.

> - PHP has awful backward compatibility

Yes. And it's also an ugly language to work with.

> - PHP has a lower barrier to entry

I don't think it is any easier than python. Not even to begin with.

> - Most inexpensive web-hosters support PHP, but not Python

Sad but true.

> - PHP has far more pre-writen scripts available

For web projects, perhaps.
But I'm sure you can do everything better with python, especially with
the new crop of web frameworks (Django, Turbo Gears, etc...).

> - Newer versions of mod_python require Apache 2.0, which few hosters
> have

You can also get alder versions of mod_python. What's the problem?

> - There is more demand for PHP developers, than Python developers

So you want to be a web developer?
Then look no further. Learn python and go kick php developers asses in
the market place.
There are thousands of php developers out there. Do you want to be just
one more?
I'd rather learn something newer, and much more powerful.
And once you get a job, you will do everything better and faster than
the others, your quality will stand up from the rest and so your
Then there will be more demand for "your skills".

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