Python v PHP: fair comparison?

bruce bedouglas at
Thu Nov 16 02:11:51 CET 2006

interesting ongoing thread...

i've seen a number of these over the years.. my language is better than your

i'm sure this question on the php list would have findings/results that are
essentially opposite of what is being discussed here!

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walterbyrd a écrit :
> Michael Torrie wrote:
>>Absolutely false.  Most of my standalone, command-line scripts for
>>manipulating my unix users in LDAP are written in PHP, although we're
>>rewriting them in python.
> I would say that you are one of very few who use PHP for sys-admin
> tasks - and even you have switched to Python. In general, it does not
> seem to me that PHP has caught on as a sys-admin language.
> However, as sys-admin scripting langanges go, I would also say that
> Python is far less popular than butt-ugly Perl. Again - just based on
> what I've seen.

Perl is a scripting language. By 'design'. It's meant to be a better
sh+sed+awk. Python is a general purpose programming language meant to
fill the gap between shell scripts and C programs. So Perl is obviously
a better scripting language than Python. The problem is that Q&D
sys-admin scripts tend to become full-blown apps - and then, Perl starts
to suck.

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