how to print pdf with python on a inkjet printer.

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Nov 17 21:40:57 CET 2006

krishnakant Mane wrote:
> double wow!  as it is my customer wants me to print to the default
> printer.
> can you please help me with the command for rendering the pdf to the
> printer with acrobat using python?

You'll have to use the registry to find "acrord32", but once you find
it, you just do:
    os.system( "\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Acrobat 7.0\\Reader\acrord32.exe
/p xxx.pdf" )
The /p switch requests printing.

> that essentially solves my most important problem.
> else I was thinking to create an excel spreadsheet as a last alternative.
> out of my curocity, I want to know if there are libraries that can
> create excel spreadsheets?

There are several ways.  One way is to just bring up Excel itself and
send it commands via COM.  Several times, I've written my data as a
comma-separated file (which Excel understands), then brought up Excel as
a COM component, loaded the file, then used Excel commands to format the

There are also a couple of Python modules which purport to be able to
read and write .xls files directly.  There's xlrd, but there's a newer
one whose name escapes me.  I thought it was a pun, like "xlerator," but
that's not right.

> I also wanted to know if there is a common dialog for listing out
> printers under windows?
> so in future if I make this software in GUI, I can at list help the
> user select the printer from the list.

Yes, there is a standard "print" dialog for Windows that shows you the
familiar dialog, with the list of printers and all of the options.  In
wxPython, I believe it is called wx.PrintDialog. 

In Pywin32, win32print.EnumPrinters can give you the list of available

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