How do I stop Python IDLE (GUI) from immediately exiting when I enter it?

BartlebyScrivener rpdooling at
Sun Nov 19 15:15:38 CET 2006

John (Z R) L wrote:

> But after clicking "run module"

Being new is never problem, but do learn to provide concise, complete
descriptions of exactly what happened and what you were doing at the

Are you in IDLE? Or are you in PythonWin?  OR did you make a script
file and try to run it by double clicking on it?

Sounds like you were creating a script file, then tried to run it?
Search this list at Google Groups comp.lang.python for "keep DOS box

> Another problem I have is firewall. On my old computer (Windows 98)
> when using Python GUI, it can't run modules because of some firewall.

Please enter the exact error message you get. It's probably some
officious Windows security glitch, but nobody can help you until you
provide the messages you get.

Windows 98? Linux would run twice as fast on any machine old enough to
run Windows 98, and your Python would work better, too. 

Good luck,


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