Active State and Komodo...

BartlebyScrivener rpdooling at
Fri Nov 24 16:09:36 CET 2006

Steve Thompson wrote:
> I was wondering the differnced there were betwee Active State's python and
> the open source version of python.

The biggest difference at the moment is that ActiveState is still using
Python 2.4.3 in their distribution. They should be coming out with 2.5

Sounds like you are running Suse?  So you already have some version of
Python, right? You can search this group at comp.lang.python on Google
Groups--try "python versions linux"--or something like that--but the
issue you need to watch out for is running two different versions on

Long and short, you don't want to uninstall the version of Python that
came with your Suse, because other programs on your machine probably
use that particular version. It's easy to install an ADDITIONAL
distribution of Python and run it separately, but again. Search the
for how to do that, and how to run them separately once you do.

I'm just moving to Linux myself, so can't provide the expertise. Unless
there is some killer feature of 2.5 you need, I would just use the
Python that came with your Suse.


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