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Thu Nov 30 15:37:54 CET 2006

Roberto Bonvallet wrote this on Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 01:21:55PM +0000.  My reply is below.

> About changing the shebang line: I'll take it as a bug.

> About changing the encoding declaration from vim-style to
> emacs-style: I'll take it as an insult :)

Ooh! <wounded>

> Both are comments, and should be left that way.  Besides, there is no
> officially preferred way for each of them.  BTW, in a recent thread on
> this newsgroup, most people said they preferred #!/usr/bin/env python over
> #!/usb/bin/python for the shebang line. See .

Thanks for the link.  I was unaware of the /usr/bin/env technique and
the controversy surrounding it.

Thanks, too, for trying *PythonTidy*.

As you have no doubt perceived, *PythonTidy* is *not* "table driven."
It is a script after all.  I decided before writing it that I didn't
really need to externalize all the options; nevertheless, most are
declared near the beginning where they sit just begging for end-user
involvement.  See: CODING_SPEC and SHEBANG.  *PythonTidy* is all about
consistency, consistency, and consistency.  You can use it to
standardize shebangs and coding across a whole library of Python

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