a newbi problem: can't find complete python curses library

Rainy ak at silmarill.org
Fri Nov 3 06:20:43 CET 2006

krishnakant Mane wrote:
> hello,
> I am a new member to this list.
> I am Krishnakant from India, Mumbai.
> I have been coding in python for quite some time and now I am at the
> intermediate level of programming as far as python is concerned.
> I am going to develop a accounting software that can work on the
> console and accessed through ssh from other terminals.
> I will like to use the curses or ncurses library for the menus and the
> input forms with add, save, delete, update and cancel buttens.
> I also need to create drop down menus with a top level menu bar.
> I read a few articles about python wrapping curses but can't find some
> thing very comprehencive.
> my question is,
> does python possess a complete wrapper to ncurses and its related
> libraries like menu, panel and form?
> if yes then where can I find documentation?
> I read the python documentation and could manage to find out the
> window object but nothing on menus and panels and forms.
> thanks and regards.
> Please help,
> Krishnakant.

How about this short intro?


It looks like it's got something about menus. Google returns many hits
for 'python curses', you might want to go through the first few pages
of results if you haven't yet.

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