Is python for me?

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Mon Nov 13 21:27:42 CET 2006

Not to be picky, but any slowness in software is rarely because of code
size. Rather, it is the data size and algorithms that play the major
role. Only after you got the first two right is that you should worry
about implementation speed.

That said, you are correct. Only if you intend to do *heavy* processing
of the returned data, your major bottleneck should be the database.

*If* you find Python to be slow(for some specific operation, never for
a whole application), you could always rewrite that section using
another language (C/C++ come to mind), or call external libraries to do
the heavy-lifting. The easy integration between Python and C (compared
to a couple other popular platforms) is what drove me to Python.

Make it work first. Then optimize. And Python helps both.


lennart escreveu:

> dakman at schreef:
> > As stated above python is capable of all those things, however on
> > larger applications like that it can tend to slow down a bit. And the
> > executables do need a little bit of work, because it's bassicly a dll
> > and a library of all your .pyc files. However python is still a great
> > language and I would recomend it. And most of these things will
> > probably be fixed in Python 3000!
> >>
> >> <<snip>>
> > > Python very quickly.
> Can you define 'large'? Is that large in code, or large in database? I
> don't know which database is supported. If its a external db, like
> MySql, the query is performed through the software of MySql, am I
> right? If I'm correct, the 'slowness' comes from the amount of code in
> python itself, not from the database.

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