detecting that a SQL db is running

bill ramsay blah at blahdeblah
Thu Nov 30 08:58:48 CET 2006


I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem that I have with MSDE
SQL db.  [I am changing to SQL server soon].

I have an app that runs on a server that communicates with remote
devices using email, this and other similar servers then sends
XML/SOAP messages to a master application.

I am in the process of intercepting these XML messages and forwarding
them on to a service managment platform for notification alerts etc.
This app reads a SQL db to get some additional information which is
also included in the XML message.

 the problem is that the app on the comms server  is an aggregate of
modules, that has a tendency to lock up,  the server still runs,  but
it causes the SQL server to stop.  This is being worked on by the
developers, i expect that it will take some time to resolve.  

using ASR we just reboot the server when this happens.

Using simple SQL statements,  i am able to detect when SQL is up and
running,  and to detect when it has stopped.

Is there a simple way to detect if the SQL server has actually

i had a look at investigating the registry,  but to be honest,  from
the various recipes that i have seen,  i haven't a clue what I am
looking at,

any advice?

any information shall be gratefully received 

kind regards


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