adding python scripting to my application

Jerry jweida at
Mon Nov 6 20:11:19 CET 2006

I am not a Python guru by any means, but I believe that when an
application says that you can "script" their application with Python,
it means that you can actually write Python code to interact with the
application.  Embedding may be the same thing.  Extending (as I read
it) involves writing portions of your program in Python and have do the
logic portions.

If you would like to allow users to write small scripts that interact
with your program and control it (a la VBScript or AppleScript), then I
believe embedding Python in your program is what you want.

If you would like Python to run various parts of your program in order
to make some portions easier to write/manage/whatever, then you want to
"extend" your program using Python.

The key difference being that you aren't providing a way for someone
else to interact with your program using Python if you are extending.

Again, I am not a guru and a read through the docs on would
probably be the best place to get sound technical advice on these


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