(semi-troll): Is Jython development dead?

Ray ray_usenet at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 02:30:39 CEST 2006

Steve Menard wrote:
> Keep in mind that Ruby and Python are close enough in style, that any
> improvements those guys make will also benifit Jython.

This is perhaps true in the long run, in the sense that it may make it
easier for someone to implement Jython because those guys will make the
JVM more dynamic language friendly. But in the short term it surely
benefits Ruby significantly more than any other dynamic languages out

> Also, they haven't been hired to work exclusively on JRuby. They were also
> hired to look at tools to help with programming with dynamic languages. In
> this regard, they can help not only Jython, but Python itself!

This is just like how Microsoft hired Jim Hugunin, isn't it? He was
hired to work on making .NET a friendly platform for dynamic languages.
The fact that he did IronPython benefits Python--bigger initial
exposure to the .NET world. Not Ruby (yet)

> All in all a very good thing to see a high-profile company invest in dynamic
> languages.


> Steve Menard

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