Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Oct 5 03:24:51 EDT 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> Steve Holden <steve at> writes:
>>And I'd prefer it if you'd drop this subject. So, if you have
>>nothing new to say, kindly leave it.
> I'm happy to, but:
>>You appear to be prepared to go to any length short of providing
>>effort to support the open source tracker.
> This was addressed in a previous post. I don't have the skills nor the
> resources to do this. Yes, as has been pointed out, it actually *is*
> far less effort to point out problems, than to solve them. That
> doesn't detract from the value of pointing out problems.
> This thread was started on the shock of realising that a non-free tool
> was even being *considered* for the new Python bug tracker. Those are
> the terms on which I've been arguing.
> Apparently there are some people who *have* put themselves forward to
> support a free-software tool. Great! My point all along has been that
> Python's developers are well advised to consider *only* free-software
> tools for supporting development of Python, and that from among those
> the best tool for the job should be chosen.
> As you say, nothing new has been said now for a while, so in the
> absence of that I'm happy to leave it here.
In case readers are puzzled by the absence of the message to which Ben 
replies above I should perhaps explain that I cancelled it having 
decided that its language was immoderate and unfair to Ben.

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