Ok. This IS homework ...

Rainy ak at silmarill.org
Sun Oct 15 03:28:45 CEST 2006

spawn wrote:
> > Also, you never break out of your deepest loop, why are you using two
> > nested infinite-loops anyway?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Brett Hoerner
> Ummmmmm ..because I'm new to programming?  Actually, they do end.  If I
> move my "guess" variable outside the outermost loop, then it becomes
> infinte.  I know, I tried it.
> You guys are fast!  I'll reread my documentation and try a few more
> thing (I kept telling myself that running_total and subotal don't need
> to be different variables!) and see what I get.
> As for that last post (I don't remember your name), ummmmmm ... WOW!
> This is BEGINNING Python.  That looks far too advanced for me.

Try to think logically about how this has to be done. You need a
variable that holds the running total. You need variable that holds
user input. You need to add user input to running total and compare it
to max value. First it's often a good idea to start with pseudo-code:

  get input
  add input to running total
  if running total = goal, exit loop

what you do instead:

loop 1:
  get input
  subtotal = input
  loop 2:
    get input
    set running total to sum of first input and second input
    if running total = goal: print 'congratulations...'

Not sure what you want to do if total gets over max value.. you want to
subtract user's next input? Or just terminate?

I think your mistake is that you tried to write code and use commands
you read about in the manual before clearly understanding what you want
the code to do. Instead of solving two problems one by one you try to
solve two problems at the same time, which is tenfold as difficult. The
first problem is understanding how the logic of program will work, and
the second, how to use commands properly to carry out that logic. Which
is fine, I make this mistake often enough..

Hope this helps.. I didn't want to write out a solution 'cause you'll
learn better if you do it on your own.


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