What's the best IDE?

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 01:22:26 CEST 2006

Hakusa at gmail.com wrote:
> Recently I've had some problems with PythonWin when I switched to
> Py2.5, tooka long hiatus, and came back. So now I'm without my god sent
> helper, and I'm looking for a cool replacement, or some advocation to
> reinstall/setup PyWin. But the Python website's list is irrefutably
> long. It would take a month or two to test all of those products. So
> I'm looking for experienced advocates.
> What's your favorite IDE?
> What do you like about it?
> It would be fine for a begginer, right?

I don't really have a good answer here, but maybe a data point.  I got 
tired of waiting for ActiveState to put out a Python 2.5 and installed 
the one from python.org instead, which doesn't include PythonWin.  I 
figured that I should take the opportunity to try out Komodo, which I'd 
heard was pretty good.  I downloaded the alpha and used it for about 
half a month.  Komodo's interface is pretty good, and when you're 
writing code in a module, the auto-completion is great, but there's no 
auto-completion at the interactive prompt.  I use the interactive prompt 
heavily, so that was pretty much the end of it for me. I downloaded the 
pywin32 module and got my PythonWin back. =)


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