ANN: Diamanda Wiki and MyghtyBoard Forum Test 1

riklaunim at riklaunim at
Wed Oct 25 20:31:54 CEST 2006

Diamanda  Wiki and MyghtyBoard Forum Test 1

Diamanda is a wiki django application and Myghty Board is a bulletin
board application. Both written in Django >= 0.95.

or the latest code from SVN at


Wiki Features:
- full history, diff between all
- permission system for users and anonymous
- edit proposals - user/anonymous changes may be marked as edit
proposals and not visible on the page until admin approval
- safe html as a markup
- contentBBcode tags that create nice links to page, table grids,
thumbnails, highlight code and more
- task management

Forum Features:
- Categories -> Forums -> Topics  -> Posts
- Forums may be redirects (links)
- Close/Open, Move, Delete Topic, Edit/Delete Post
- Simple User Profile and Emails as Private Messages
- punBB importer (and with punBB migration tool other PHP forum scripts
like phpBB, IPB...)

To use this apps you need up and running Django framework
( The installation of Diamanda and MyghtyBoard is
in the readme. If you have any problems post them on the support sites
(they may take few days to redirect DNS... -
English and - Polish) or email me :)

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