Problems with Python 2.5 installer.

paw shalofin at
Fri Oct 13 17:08:51 CEST 2006

> > Could this happen if c:\python does not exists and creating it fails for
> > some reason, or if permissions are incorrect?
> Are you installing it as a "normal" user or as an Administrator? I have
> occasionally had problems (not when installing Python) as a "normal"
> user not being allowed to create a folder at the C:\ level.
> I'd suggest this;
> (1) log on as as administrator (i.e. with full rights)
> (2) do an "all users" installation
> (3) You haven't come up with a good reason for doing otherwise, so read
> my lips: *** use the default installation folder C:\Python25 *** you'll
> be happy you did, when Python 2.6 comes out and you want to have both
> installed.

It turns out the domain admin took away my local admin rights
mistakenly.  Once I got those back everything worked fine.

The only 'logic' for my not installing to a directory with the version
is that I don't keep more than one version of Python on my system at
any given time.  When the new version comes out and is stable I remove
the old one, this forces me to check any programs against the latest

Thanks for all of the help,


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